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Your Captain of Fun!  Michele is your boat Captain on the spacious "No Bad Days" Malibu Wakesetter LSV 23! Eat, drink and be merry our Captain keeps your boat day safe and fun! 


With over 28 years boating our beautiful Northern California Lakes and Reservoirs, Michele knows how to have a great lake day, and make sure you have a FABULOUS day too! 


A certified Boat Captain, certified Mariner and Licensed Guide on the water and on the snow, your fun meter is guaranteeed to be pegged every time you hit the water and snow with your guide and fun facilitator Michele!  


Your fun fabulous captain will tour you and your family around the lakes and fill you in on all the great things about the area, teach you the fine art of wakeboarding, wake surfing and fishing tips too, accompanied by a heaping serving and fun and laughter, swimming sunshine and lake FUN!


From mild to wild a great lake day awaits you!


Fun Factory Rentals Powerboat Adventures Captain Michele helping make miles of smiles since 1995! Licensed, bonded and insured.



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